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Discover Alternative Modalites for Healing, Well-being and Graceful Aging
A benefit of many alternative modalities is that they can and should be used preventatively…

Meet Rita Rivera


The "Why" behind Happy Health Podcast

I have been involved in the “Alternative or Complementary Healing Arts” for many years. I am often intrigued, both as a practitioner and a consumer, by the varied and diverse approaches to healing and optimal health.

With so many choices and approaches, along with new emerging information in energy healing, body/mind therapies, stem cells, nutrition and more, I was drawn to present information about alternative modalities, and also share inspiring stories of people living a dynamic life in their Platium Years!

Happy Health, Happy Body, Happy Life

Originally from New York, I am an accomplished dancer, teacher and choreographer who ran my own company, Rita Rivera & Dancers from 1983-1996. I was the founder and artistic director of the Santa Cruz Dance Gallery from 1993-2000, the first independent dance performance center in Santa Cruz, California.​

My dance training in New York was greatly influenced by dancer and choreographer Erick Hawkins. Erick was the master of natural and fluid movement and was an important voice in the development of contemporary dance in our country. My work with Erick Hawkins lead me to study with Andre Bernard at NY University in the early 70’s with a focus on experiential anatomy and continued studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, the acclaimed founder of the School of Body Mind Centering.


I have been a guest artist at Cabrillo College and on Theater Arts faculty at San Jose State University, University of California Santa Cruz and Sonoma State University.

My curiosity and desire have always challenged me to go deeper into exploring what we can sense and feel in our bodies - and, what can we transform? The many excellent teachers, trainings and paths that I have followed have been my foundation for designing classes, workshops and retreats for the Body to Meet, Engage and Integrate with Heart, Mind and Spirit.

  • The Alexander Technique

My desire to deepen into the field of movement awareness lead me to study the Alexander Technique for several years before I entered the teachers training program, completing my certification in 1993. Studying the AT develops a refined kinesthic sense (the sense that detects bodily position, weight, or movement of the muscles and joints.) of how we use ourselves in all daily activities. We become aware of structural stresses that underlie chronic pain and learn skills to reverse patterns of tension into expressions of ease and grace.

  • Four Winds Society

I have completed certification in "Healing the Light Body" through the Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo. The Four Winds Society is dedicated to preserving the Incan shamanic traditions by exploring the realms of the soul, of nature and ancient shamanic rites of passage. My investigation has taken me into the high Andean mountain passes and to the shores of Lake Titicaca visiting and sitting in ceremony at sacred sites and temples with extraordinary medicine men and women.

  • Cranial Sacral

I have completed six levels of Visionary Cranio-Sacral training through the Milne Institute in Big Sur, California with Dr. Hugh Milne.​

  • ChiLel Chigong

In 1996 I traveled with Luke Chan, who is a master Chi-Lel Chigong practitioner to Qinhuagdao, China. I stayed and trained at the "Medicineless Hospital" where I received first level certification in Chi-Lel Chigong.​ Considered a "medicinal" form of Chigong, I have experienced and been witness to extraordinary healings.

  • The Melt Method

I have completed the Hand & Foot Treatment Certification through the Melt Method. The Melt Method uses small soft & hard balls along with a soft roller to break through tension patterns in the connective tissue.

  • Restorative Movement

Restorative Movement is something that I frequently teach along with the Melt Method. These unique classes also incorporate the foundational principles of the Alexander Technique and can shift old patterns and injuries in posture and movement to discovering more ease in how you move in all daily activities.

  • Restorative Movement & Dance

This class is a fun slower level dance class that uses the principles of Restorative Movement and applies them to a simple barre and dance phrases.