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Discover Alternative Modalities for Healing,Well-being and Graceful Aging

A benefit of many alternative modalities is that they can and should be used preventatively…

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Rita Rivera

Nothing is worse than chronic pain, being diagnosed with an illness that rocks your world, injuries and accidents, living with depression, having to manage mysterious symptoms that doctors can’t figure out – or just aging!

It can be confusing to navigate through traditional forms of medicine and even more challenging to seek relief in the ever-expanding field of alternative healing modalities. Some alternative approaches may seem to make sense to try and other approaches may seem out of your comfort zone.

After healing from two back injuries, I understand chronic back pain. My passion to feel the best that I can feel, to be rid of chronic issues, to age with grace and to continue to dance led me down a unique path. In my quest for happy, healthy living, I found myself walking the great wall of China with my Chigong teacher and I found myself in midnight ceremony and ritual at Macchu Pichu. After exploring many alternative healing modalities, along with my inquisitive mind, I feel inspired to share the many available approaches that embrace both healing and aging.

No one size fits all…Although, there may be a modality that has helped someone tremendously, it may not be the right choice for another person. Or, it may not be the right choice at that point in time. Often, a combination of modalities can be beneficial. The trick is to find what resonates with you, find an excellent practitioner and commit to your journey of wellness and living your best life.

Welcome to Happy Health Podcast where we explore a wide spectrum of practitioners from doctors, to healers to leaders and teachers.


I look forward to presenting you with many choices in healing and wellness!


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